EGD WEEK 2021 · SEP 20 - 24 2021

During IA's 5th annual EGD Week (Experiential Graphic Design Week), we're celebrating self-expression and the messy, imaginative, and uninhibited creativity innate in all of us. Hear from innovative thinkers in the design industry and discover how we can tap into the creative potential of ourselves and our teams.

We also invite you to pursue your inner artist by joining us in a virtual, hands-on sketching workshop and contributing an image to our interactive, generative art installation.

Interactive Generative Art Installation

Individually, we are all unique, but together we're powerful. Let's celebrate both ourselves and one another. Add your image below to our "digital quilt" and leave your stitch in our community of creatives.

Creative and They Know It: How to Nurture Your Team's Creative Confidence

Creativity isn't just reserved for "creative-types." When our self-expression is empowered, we can all find our creative confidence. Join us as Cybelle Jones (CEO, Society of Experiential Graphic Design), Julie Halloran (Creative Director, VistaPrint) and James Walker (Associate Creative Director, YETI) share how they nurture their teams to create a climate for everyday ingenuity and long-term innovation.

You Still Can Draw. Trust Us.

As kids, we expressed ourselves with crayons, paints, and colored pencils. There was no "I'm not any good." In this live event, rediscover your love of drawing with award-winning industrial designer Spencer Nugent. Spencer's step-by-step instructions will make it easy even if you "can't draw." Ready to go? Grab a pen, paper, or your iPad and let’s get the creativity flowing. Regardless of skill level, Spencer’s tips inspire all.