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September 18–22

To celebrate IA's 7th annual Experiential Design Week, we invite you to a series of conversations with creative luminaries who push boundaries in their respective fields. Together, we'll explore the transformative power of design in place, experiences, products, music, and everyday life. 

Katie Hazard

Burning Man's Art Department Director

Explore how radical self-expression inspires the monumental artwork that's become synonymous with Burning Man, the mythical festival that continues to inspire the world's imagination.

Jasper Wong

World Wide Walls Founder & Curator

The artist and visionary founder of the world's premier street art festival discusses the power of art to transform communities, all while building something much bigger than a festival.

Kam Franklin

The Suffers Singer-Songwriter

A soulful songwriter and bandleader discusses her creative process, from blending music and activism to maintaining confidence in the face of obstacles, offering insights into her prolific, genre-bending artistry.

Aaron Berger

The Neon Museum's Executive Director

Hear colorful stories and the hidden history behind Las Vegas's iconic signs, the museum's efforts to preserve neon artifacts, and how its collection celebrates diverse voices.

Sarah Fidler

Ben & Jerry's Global R&D Chef

A flavor guru reveals the creative process of developing new ice cream flavors, from turning food trends into tasty treats to the unique challenges of bringing innovative new pints to freezer aisles worldwide.

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