Design in 30 Minutes or Less

As a part of IA's Experiential Design Week 2022, members of our Experiential Design team will work together in this live design challenge to produce something from nothing in 30 minutes or less. After being given a design brief, they will develop their concepts on the fly right in front of your eyes, and present their design solutions to IA judges who will ask you for input, in real time.

They may reveal some tips and tricks, they may struggle, and they will definitely give you a sense of the typical teamwork needed to develop great design. Come cheer them on as they provide a behind-the-scenes look into the design process.


Julie Maggos

Senior Director of Experiential Design

Julie Maggos helps organizations convey their message, share their story, and engage their users within their spaces. She is responsible for defining their desired experience by planning and executing visual design solutions appropriate to context. Julie is passionate about mentoring and growing the next generation of designers and leaders within the experiential design field.

Jemma Raddick

Experiential Design Director

Jemma is Experiential Design Director for IA Interior Architects’ Seattle Studio. Over her 20 year career she has had the opportunity to work with multi-disciplinary teams to bring holistic design solutions to branded environments both locally and around the world. Her passion is for authentic placemaking, strategic brand storytelling and user experience design within large public venues. 


Chad Finken

Experiential Design Director

By placing an emphasis on user experience strategies, Chad has leveraged his industry experience and fine arts background to create immersive built environments for a wide range of clients including the American Red Cross, McDonalds, Beam Suntory and Bank of America. 

Lila Marty

Senior Experiential Designer

Lila focuses on creating unique environmental experiences. She acts as the bridge between strategy, research and design, allowing IA to develop memorable moments and visual storytelling. She has worked with a diverse group clients including The Field Museum, Pacific Gas & Electric, Navy Pier and Hana Workplace.

Graham Jefferson

Junior Experiential Designer

Graham is a Junior Experiential Designer in the Chicago IA studio. With a background in graphic communications and design from Columbia College Chicago, he works alongside Chad Finken, Lila Marty, and the greater Experiential Design team to bring brand stories to life.

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