Experiential Design Week 2022

IA's 6th annual #EGDWeek is back and rebranded this year as Experiential Design Week—learn more about why we have "Dropped the G." Over the course of the week, we'll be exploring how we harness technology to support what makes us human—creativity, energy, teamwork, and experiences.

Design in 30 Minutes or Less: a LIVE Challenge

September 21 · 12PM EST / 9AM PST

IA's portfolio is impressive, but have you ever seen our creative minds transform chaos into harmony in hyper-speed!? In this Live Design Challenge, get a snippet of how we think and collaborate, from brief to pitch presentation. To complete the challenge, our Experiential Design contestants will create a design solution and present it to the judges—YOU, the audience in real-time. They're guaranteed to expose some secret tips and tricks, push each other's creative boundaries, and provide some laughs along the way. Learn More.

Demystifying AI

September 23 · 12PM EST / 9AM PST

More than just a buzzword, artificial intelligence can be a powerful and surprisingly user-friendly conduit for creative expression. IA's Creative Technology Design Director Ali Ucer will demystify what tools are out there with bite-sized descriptions and practical applications you can start using in your design process today. Learn More.

Get the creative inspiration started by listening to a playlist curated by IA experiential designers.

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How much of “experiential graphic design” is actually comprised of “graphics”? Julie Maggos, Senior Director of IA’s Experiential Design team, discusses a recent shift in how the industry defines this line of work.

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IA Experiential Design is Dropping the G

Fans at Super Bowl LVl entered SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles through a larger than life experiential portal, inspired by a camera lens. The concept was to create iconic entry points that would function as a portal to the game day experience.

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Designing for the Super Bowl

IA Interior Architects’ Creative Technology team creates sensory experiences made with software-based, electronic and/or data-driven engines that create engaging spaces which blur the lines between Interior Design, Art and Technology.

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