IA Interior Architects Announces Winners of the 2022 IAct Awards Program

IA Interior Architects is pleased to continually celebrate our extraordinary talent with the firm’s annual IAct Awards program. In 2022, IAers took the time to nominate 400 colleagues for an award program which exemplifies and reflects the culture and community we are so passionate about at IA. In addition to celebrating our typical four categories of Leadership, Innovation, Service, and Rising Star, the firm added a new category this year, Agents of Change. This category recognizes selfless visionary(ies) who chooses to make an impactful difference for the greater good within their communities outside of IA.

The 2022 IAct Award for Leadership was presented to Ian Reves, a Design Director based in the firm’s Atlanta studio. Ian joined the firm mid-pandemic and quickly assumed his leadership role, taking on multiple projects seamlessly. An experienced design professional who makes mentorship part of his everyday practice, Ian has already had a huge impact on the studio and firm in his short tenure, ensuring that all voices are heard in the design process. He is a true team player, always ready to dive in when needed, and is a rallying force around in-studio and firmwide participation. As one nominator said, “despite his title, he truly is a part of the team, making sure that he not only guides, but steps in to help when it's crunch time.” Multiple nominators cited Ian as inspiration and advocate for everyone in the studio, bringing fresh ideas and a positive attitude to all that he does.

“Even as one of the newest members of our studio, Ian is a dynamic force of creative energy and influential connector between teams. He is a leader in a multitude of ways – from innovative project solutions to dedicated mentorship, to being a critical part of studio culture building. Ian will take on any opportunity or challenge and provide an invaluable perspective, never hesitating to share his empathetic energy along the way. I am certain that he will continue to elevate how creative leadership makes an organization thrive.” - Jodi Borges-Bradley, Principal, Managing Director of IA’s Atlanta Studio

The 2022 IAct Award for Service was presented to Cindy Song, a Senior Contracts Administrator and Associate based in IA’s Bay Area Studio, which consists of three locations (Sacramento, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco). Cindy is a multi-faceted contributor, easily problem solving across the three locations. She gracefully handles each challenge presented to her, from technical integration to client liaison responsibilities with a high level of responsiveness and professionalism. Cindy is known for going above and beyond her CA duties, adding value and bringing new perspectives simultaneously. She is the “cultural ambassador” for the studio, organizing events and outings while also thoughtfully encouraging participation.

“We’re thrilled that Cindy is being recognized for her service and dedication to the firm. She consistently adds value and creativity to everything she does, all with a high level of professionalism that enables the rest of us to be more successful and efficient. She is a pleasure to work with; enthusiastic, accountable, dependable, and always encouraging. Her attention to detail, thoroughness, and tenacity for follow-through to completion is commendable. She takes on every challenge with positivity, enthusiasm and competence earning the trust and respect of her teammates, clients, contractors and consultants.” – Colin O’Malley and Don Lam, Co-Managing Principals of IA’s Bay Area Studio

The 2022 IAct Award for Innovation was presented to Nicholas (Nick) Mosher, a Job Captain based in the firm’s Denver studio. Nick was referred to by multiple nominators as a “renaissance man” and proof that he exemplifies that title is seen in his dynamic efforts across multiple of the firm’s studios. Nick’s high level of technical expertise is displayed in his continual knowledge transfer and mentorship; in fact, he created a weekly series called “Nick Tech Tips” that he shares with his studio, one that all nominators cited as invaluable. Nick is truly an example of a OneIA champion – Denver is his third IA studio, following tenures in both the Chicago and Toronto studios.

“Ever since Nick joined the Denver office last year, he has been a leader in innovative technology. He’s always ready and willing to help anyone with technical issues and is an incredible knowledge resource and source of inspiration. We feel incredibly lucky to have him with us in Denver, and at the firm.” – Kindell Williams, Managing Principal of IA’s Denver Studio

The 2022 IAct Rising Star Award was presented to Joseph (Joe) Sehrer, an Intermediate Designer based in the firm’s DC studio. Known for his exceptional design talent displayed on one of DC’s recent high-profile projects, Joe is a passionate blue-sky thinker when exploring creative and innovative design solutions to complex technical problems. He’s a self-starter who is deeply embedded in the studio’s culture, both internally as part of the DC “Joy Committee” and the “Kind of a Big Deal” award committee, as well as externally due to his participation in industry organizations. His positivity, motivation, and passion are infectious, and his star is definitely on the rise.

“Over the past few years, Joe’s expertise has grown tremendously, but he always remains humble; he is consistently listening to others and learning from their experiences while serving as a mentor to younger staff. He has taken a hold of our office culture by promoting the achievements of our teams through internal activities. He recently passed the first section of the NCIDQ exam, so he is successfully taking more steps to further his career development. His personal drive and achievements are the definition of Rising Star, and we all know there are more great things to come.” - Laura Vierling, Principal, Managing Director of IA’s DC Studio

The first ever IAct Agent of Change Award was presented to Sophia Cartlidge, a Project Manager based in the firm’s Austin studio. Sophia received a record number of nominations for this new category, standing out as a truly passionate professional who is highly engaged with her community, both at IA and beyond. Sophia is dedicated to community service and philanthropy, sitting on the board of three major non-profit organizations NOMA (National Organization for Minority Architects), Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Carrying Hope. She regularly donates time, energy, and resources to numerous local and national charitable causes. Within IA, she is the Austin Studio’s IA Reach champion, organizing countless events for local organizations and spearheading fundraising campaigns.

“Sophia has dedicated her life to serving those less fortunate, and her spirit of giving shines brightly on all of us. We are so grateful to have Sophia on the IA Austin team, championing our shared goal of generating positive change in the community.” – Stephanie Long, Principal, Managing Director of IA’s Austin Studio
“We’re consistently inspired by the wealth of talent we have across the firm, and it is heartwarming when we can all come together to recognize the outstanding professionals that go above and beyond. Congratulations to this year’s winners, who have set the bar very high for future IAct nominees.” Tom Powers and David Bourke, IA’s Co-CEOs/Presidents

The awards were presented on Wednesday, November 9th during a live-streamed global event.