Adobe Experiential Design 

San Jose, CA | 690,000 SF

Adobe Experiential Design

San Jose, CA | 690,000 sq. ft.  

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Project Highlights

  • Experiential design team infused design with artistic and immersive graphic experiences
  • Hanging sculpture in central atrium serves as a welcoming beacon
  • Conveys the story of Adobe’s values, mission, products, and community focus
  • Gradients woven between vertical connections create a vibrant color palette aligned with overall design
  • Harnesses power of Adobe's Stock and Behance community


Adobe’s Founders Tower is designed for people to unite, build connections, foster community, and create the future. Befitting a company that powers the world’s creativity, IA's experiential design team infused the space with artistic and immersive experiences.  

A hanging sculpture in the central atrium is visible from the connecting bridge and all towers. The sculpture serves as a beacon to welcome employees from across the campus. Solid color and dichroic pieces form a gradient of cool to warm, oriented to respond to the sun's path throughout the day. 

The Adobe Experience Museum is located at the ground floor entrance. It is open to the public and tells the story of Adobe’s values, mission, products, and community focus. Vibrant gradients on angled panels immerse users in the storytelling experience. 

On each floor, gradients are woven between the vertical connections, creating a sophisticated color palette that aligns with the overall design. Color psychology is used throughout the building to guide people to the spaces that most naturally fit their needs. 

When creating the experiential design, IA's team harnessed one of Adobe's greatest assets – its Adobe Stock and Behance community. Illustrative wall graphics are customized for each floor theme. Framed art panels feature groupings of Adobe Stock images relevant to a floor's theme and colorway, telling vibrant stories of nature, technology, exploration, and beauty. 

The new Founders Tower celebrates Adobe's past, present, and future, where creativity thrives. 

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