Scaling the Brand Experience

September 26th    ·    12 PM EDT - 1 PM EDT

Hosted By

Chad Finken, Lila Marty & Stephen Kellogg

It takes a village to raise a brand. And while that can take myriad forms, in the realm of the built environment this experience generally takes one of two shapes—the permanent, or the temporary.

In this webinar, we hear from experts who can speak to both sides of the equation. Join Chad Finken and Lila Marty of IA Interior Architects as they discuss insights garnered from years spent developing brands in retail locations and workplaces across the country. They’ll be joined by Stephen Kellogg of Freeman, who will speak to the lasting impact that can be created by ephemeral, brand-rich experiences. These designers develop important physical manifestations of a brand but often use very different strategies and mindsets along the way.


Regional Director of Creative | FreemanXP

Stephen brings 20+ years of experience leading design teams and clients through the world of branded environments. He has collaborated with clients such as Caterpillar, McDonalds, Allstate and SAP. His favorite part about the industry is the opportunity to design innovative experiences that fulfill the true vision of a client’s brand.

Lila Marty, AIGA

Experiential Graphic Designer | IA Interior Architects

Lila focuses on creating unique environmental experiences. She acts as the bridge between strategy, research and design, allowing IA to develop memorable moments and visual storytelling. She has worked with a diverse group clients including The Field Museum, Pacific Gas & Electric, Navy Pier and Hana Workplace.


Design Director | IA Interior Architects

By placing an emphasis on user experience strategies, Chad has leveraged his industry experience and fine arts background to create immersive built environments for a wide range of clients including the American Red Cross, McDonalds, Beam Suntory and Bank of America.