Mapping the User Experience




SEPTEMBER 24th    ·    12 PM EDT - 1 PM EDT



How do you help people navigate through a space? It’s one thing to build walls, but it’s quite another to build a narrative, and that’s exactly what keeps IA’s EGD (experiential graphic design) team up at night. Hear from three of our team members as they explore the three tenants of user navigation― mapping a strategy, developing sensory cues, and enforcing them throughout the space. You’ll learn how IA’s team integrates their designs into the built environment, and uses digital technology to make the whole process more accessible than ever. With an introduction from IA’s Senior Director of Experiential Graphic Design, Julie Maggos, this presentation won’t be one to miss.

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 Senior Experiential Graphic Designer and Creative Technology Leader  | IA Interior Architects

Ali designs and implements interactive and immersive experiences for the built environment. Since he got his first computer in the 80's, Ali hasn't stopped blurring the boundaries between graphics and the latest technology. 


Senior Experiential Graphic Designer | IA Interior Architects

With a background in museum exhibit design, Maria is an expert at using graphics to create memorable and user-friendly experiences in the physical space. She understands the meticulous planning involved in establishing a seamless connection between graphics, technology, and the physical space.


Experiential Graphic Designer  | IA Interior Architects

Originally trained as an architect, Jessie has since embraced EGD, working at the intersection of the built environment and visual communications. She explores methods of environmental storytelling that provide more engaging and immersive experiences and where graphics, technology, and architecture are one.

@iaarchitects hosts a webinar discussing the finer points of User Experience Mapping in the realm of #EGD

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