Confidential Financial Institution Workplace Pilot 

Northern Virginia | 156,000 SF

Confidential Financial Institution Workplace Pilot

Northern Virginia | 156,000 sq. ft.  

Project Highlights

  • Pilot space for developing and implementing more efficient enterprise-wide work environments
  • Unique spaces include quiet cars and a design thinking lab
  • Entire floorplan is reconfigurable at the team and individual user levels
  • Intuitive, user-friendly technology integrated throughout
  • Fully-integrated experiential graphic package supports the client’s rebranding effort
  • Summary

    Now operating as a financial technology institution headquartered in the highly competitive Washington Metropolitan Area market, the client reached out to IA to help reevaluate and redefine its firmwide workplace standards to suit a more modern workforce. The client’s Washington Metropolitan Area location was selected as a pilot space for developing and implementing a new, more efficient generation of work environments across the entire enterprise.

    IA first defined workplace components, aligned technology solutions with employee workflows, and implemented remote work policies for the firm. With these established, IA designed the workplace with the principles of flexibility and choice at its core.

    A campus-wide destination for training and social gathering, renovated spaces include a conferencing suite, food facilities, ideation/design thinking labs, and a newly introduced customer engagement center. The entire space is reconfigurable at the neighborhood, team, and individual user levels, providing future adaptability to varying business conditions. Intuitive, user-friendly technology is integrated throughout, bolstering the space’s functionality.

    Created in collaboration with the client’s internal branding department, an experiential graphic package is fully integrated into the architecture, celebrating the client’s mission to serve homebuyers.

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