Confidential Financial Institution Headquarters Renovation 

Northern Virginia | 34,000 SF

Confidential Financial Institution Headquarters Renovation

Northern Virginia | 34,000 sq. ft.  

  • Open workplace in a DC financial institution
  • Confidential financial institution
  • Confidential financial institution, DC
  • Confidential financial institution, DC

Project Highlights

  • Public areas updated to include a main lobby and conference “town center”
  • Integrated technology solutions offer universally intuitive and user-friendly experiences throughout
  • Flexible and adaptive work, collaborative, and social spaces allow for reconfiguration even at the individual user level
  • Experiential graphics and installations represent and celebrate the firm’s mission
  • Summary

    This financial institution engaged IA to help reevaluate and redesign its workplace standards to suit an increasingly digital world. Complementing this shift in office space, IA renovated the client’s headquarters workspace and public areas, including a main lobby with café and conferencing “town center.”

    The existing, compartmentalized space was transformed into a dynamic workplace capable of accommodating larger groups of users and multiple, concurrent activities. Careful integration of design elements and material selection connects the new spaces to existing and recently renovated portions of the public spaces.

    Multi-functioning spaces provide ample opportunities for social interaction, team collaboration, and independent work. Each space type is equipped with extensive, integrated technology and security solutions. The provision of choice and flexibility allow for better employee engagement and for the future evolution of the space without the need for major infrastructure updates.

    Additionally, IA worked closely with the client’s internal branding team to provide a mission-centered experiential graphics package that celebrates the client’s commitment to serving homebuyers. Large-scale typographic treatments to the interior glass walls provide both wayfinding and privacy.

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