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EGD Week 2020

Join us virtually for our upcoming, fourth annual EGD Week. Each year we shine a light on how Experiential Graphic Design (EGD) impacts and enhances the built environment. This year, we are focusing on EGD For A Changing World: how graphics and technology can be a unifier to address the challenges facing the physical environment.

What can you expect? A week-long series of insightful webinars, videos and an interactive, generative art installation that you can contribute to. We look forward to seeing you there! See below for more information on what’s to come and registration links.*

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Office As a Brand Experience

Similar to retail’s shift toward e-commerce, the workplace experience has been reshaped by the remote working mandate. As many anticipate a downsizing of the office footprint, clients are forced to reconsider the primary purpose of their office space. Join us as Anna Lai (Design Director, EGD), Ray Ehscheid (Director of Client Services) and Tina Columbus (Designer, EGD) discuss how the office can become experience centers operating as physical manifestations of the brand. We will dive into how EGD can help shape a sense of belonging and create spontaneous moments that lead to creativity and productivity.

Experience for All

We take a look at how EGD can help improve inclusivity and equity of access for individuals that experience varying levels of accessibility in the built environment. With the onset of COVID-19, this divide is at risk of growing larger. Join us as Jessica Stoffers (Senior Designer, EGD), Emily Sano (Senior Designer, EGD) and Diane Rogers (Senior Strategist) share how EGD can reach beyond visual strategies, enlisting multi-sensory tools to push forward universal design methodology for human centric design.

Analog vs. Digital

With EGD, there can be pros and cons to choosing between analog and digital methods. We take an educational deep dive into these trade-offs and discuss how we can blend them effectively to create memorable experiences in the workplace environment. Join us as Ali Ucer (Design Director, EGD) and Jules Naujoks (Designer, EGD) discuss how EGD helps strike this balance.


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IA designer Livi Pejo provides a glimpse of why the ADA was so important and the significance of its 30th anniversary.

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Recent research out of MIT, the Bonn Institute for the Study of Labor, and Maastricht University sheds new light on the impact healthy buildings have on their users.

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With IA having recently unveiled new tools to help more typically-sized tenants, we realized that more must be done to help managers of large spaces account for user comfort and safety as they traverse through public areas under varying conditions. These simulations and the associated assessment tool are embodied in a new IA project, The Revived Public Space.

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