Five Ways to Play in the Workplace

Technology companies around the world are providing unique ways for staff to unplug from work.
Confidential Financial Services Client in New York. Photo by Jeff Cate.
Confidential Financial Services Firm

When engineers at this confidential FinTech are ready for a break in the workday, they flex a different cognitive muscle with a game of foosball. And depending on the players’ skill level, table soccer can also increase heart rate and improve hand-eye coordination.


Caddo Holdings in Dallas. Photo by Thomas McConnell.
Caddo Holdings

If associates at Caddo Holding can’t make it out to the links, they can practice their swing in a few rounds of virtual golf. For professionals who spend a large amount of time at computer screens, swinging a golf club can help loosen tense muscles in the shoulders.


Confidential Tech Client in San Francisco. Photo by Eric Laignel.
Confidential Tech Client

For staff working with this confidential technology client, a game of strategy can help the mind focus on a different challenge. The IA design team brought backgammon to the vertical plane, which broadens the appeal beyond individuals to teams.


Confidential Tech Client in San Francisco. Photo by Eric Laignel.
Confidential Tech Client

Not many workplaces dedicate space for spontaneous dancing, so employees at this confidential tech company are in an especially unique position. Aside from the full body motion of dance, laughter always ensues while watching the interpretive dance moves of coworkers.


McMillian Law Firm in Ottawa, Ontario. Photo by Tom Arban.
McMillan Law Firm

This law firm breaks the traditional mold with table tennis, giving attorneys and staff alike a different environment to take a break, and reinforce a different kind of team work.