Digital Studio

We make new futures possible by providing strategic design services and consultation alongside the delivery of AV and software driven-design solutions.

We live in a world where technology can influence every aspect of our lives. Empowering the integration of design and technology can support users, teams, managers, and executives with new ways to engage with one another and achieve their mutual goals. Digital Studio draws from a diversity of processes and disciplines to engage clients along a discovery journey that can be translated into analog and digital experiences.

Technology Strategy

We bring transformational change to your organization’s workplace through the integration of digital and physical design strategies. Our thought-leaders immerse themselves to achieve a first-hand understanding of culture, business drivers, workflows, and strategic objectives. This context results in a custom, user-driven solution drawn from across our areas of expertise.

Building Monitoring platform

Monitoring Platforms

We work across your teams and platforms to integrate multiple, potentially disjointed, systems into a single monitoring platform. Increasing visibility into a single, comprehensive ecosystem may provide various advantages, including short-term energy efficiency and
environment health scoring, as well as long-term building usage analysis and failure prediction capabilities.

Transformative Collaboration

Transformative Collaboration

We don’t just create workplaces; we inspire new ways of working. Infusing your strategic objectives into varied environments that share a
strong identity while accommodating a diversity of work and collaboration styles creates a workplace where employees may communicate and collaborate while overcoming the limits of space.

User Applications

We build calm out of chaos by bringing the disparate employee and visitor applications onto a single pane of glass, uniting mobile interactions. We work to bridge internal silos and unique business-driven applications into a holistic solution that brings front-end experiences into a unified portal.

Brand wall with digital display

Brand-Defining Experiences

We create sensory experiences that merge interior design, art, and technology to powerfully bring brand stories to life. We deploy user-first design thinking and leverage technology to create seamless experiences that blur the lines between the digital and physical world.

Intelligent Building Systems at LinkedIn's San Francisco office

Intelligent Building Systems

We leverage our workplace strategy and spatial planning expertise with seamlessly integrated sensors and digital information tools. Providing your teams with customized applications and a user-friendly way to analyze short-term energy efficiency and environment health scoring and long-term building usage prediction capabilities allows you to make insightful decisions for the future.

Virtual Experiences

We are creators of the experience, designing people-driven, intuitive, and highly-connected virtual collaborative environments within our IAXR. We create and develop custom virtual environments unlike typical Extended Reality (XR) offerings. These bespoke virtual spaces can complement a company’s physical spaces or test future environments while continuously evolving with organizational and event needs.

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