Ecos Studio

With a focus on people-centric design, we unite end-user needs, technological innovation, and the built environment striving for a better quality of life and a more sustainable planet. Through our Ecos Studio, IA and Brightworks work towards regenerating the integrity of the living world with vigor and the latest in scientific and sociological research.

Creating experiences that inform, inspire, and engage.

Ecos Studio is a strategic partnership between IA Interior Architects and Brightworks Sustainability—a sustainability consulting firm with deep subject matter expertise and advanced technical resources. IA and Brightworks have collaborated on projects for over 15 years, sharing a passion for sustainable and healthy design. In creating Ecos Studio, we work together to answer the call to action in this era of environmental renewal and regeneration.

Construction - Ecos Studio

Sustainable & Healthy Buildings

Ecos Studio defines and achieves goals for environmental sustainability, wellness, and social benefit for clients' individual spaces, campus developments, and global portfolios.

Building Performance, Operations & Maintenance

We improve the ongoing performance of assets, from targeted investigations into energy use or waste diversion to operations manuals that streamline the hand-off of new construction projects to facilities teams.
Performance Planning - Ecos Studio

Inclusive Design

Ecos Studio creates spaces that recognize, respect, and support individual differences by enhancing choice and flexibility, promoting support systems, and celebrating different forms of communication and self-expression.

Healthy & Sustainable Materials

IA is a proud member of the mindful MATERIALS Forum, representing design leadership in driving the installation of sustainable materials. Across a range of market sectors, IA and our Forum peers are leveraging a Common Materials Framework, collaboration, and shared data to streamline and scale sustainable materials specification efforts.
Master Planning

Corporate Sustainability Programs

Real estate sustainability programs that align with and contribute to clients' goals and targets or greenhouse gas emissions and environmental, social, and governance reporting.
Occupancy Mapping - Ecos Studio

Health & Wellness

We refine and achieve wellness performance goals and promote new heights of human health in the built environment. Building health rating systems offer tested pathways to providing healthy and positive experiences.
Consulting - Ecos Studio

Energy Analysis & Optimization

We develop energy and climate strategies to meet energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, and decarbonization goals. Benefits range from code compliance and financial savings to Net Zero energy use.

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