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Experiential Design

Bringing people, culture, and business objectives together to build a launchpad for your organization's most important business objectives.

Experiential design is an integral component of the built environment. Through print, digital, analogue, and interactive installations, it expresses and communicates the brand and strategic messaging, helps navigate users through intuitive wayfinding and signage, delivers information clearly and efficiently, and creates a sense of place and inclusion.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

A plan for implementing graphics and messaging based on a deep understanding of the brand. We think through the many ways users will experience the space, and the desired attributes for design that will create a successful experience.

Whale wall egd in Cape Town office space

Experiential Graphic Design

The integration of brand and message in three dimensional space through typography, color, imagery, form, and texture. Brand expressions can be conveyed through analog content, art and sculpture, and digital experiences.

Creative Technology

Sensory experiences made with software-based, electronic and/or data-driven engines that create engaging spaces which blur the lines between Interior Design, Art and Technology.


Information systems that guide people through the built environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. Elements include signage, maps, symbols, colors and other communication materials.

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