Syncing your digital and physical presence.

From navigating the work environment to collaborating with colleagues to accessing resources, HARBOR@work for mobile and desktop environments supports the daily workplace experience in real time, enabling employees to be and do their best at the office or when working remotely. HARBOR@work curates an organization’s digital resources to create a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of existing business applications and services that support the range and complexity of the organization’s needs. 

An employee checking her mobile phone in the workplace


HARBOR@work creates a central point of communication, collaboration, and workflow in a client-branded, digital environment accessible
from any location. It eases the burden on users' email inbox by becoming a primary channel for internal communications, perfect for communicating new workplace protocols, events, news, and more. Mobile notifications ensure that your message is heard by the right employees more reliably.

Employee Onboarding in the workplace

Employee Onboarding and Human Resources

Creating a curated digital library to help employees find the answers for some of their most pressing questions can save valuable time while making users feel more at ease. HARBOR@work can be used to help onboard both remote and in-office employees and create an easy-to-navigate home for files and applications that need to be easily-accessible.

The reception area at a Miami office

Curate the Guest Experience

Determine how your guests experience your site before, during, and after their visit by asking them to download your custom workplace application. This allows them to access important information relating to parking, security, navigation, and on-site contacts in advance of their visit, even giving you the opportunity to ask them about their experience afterwards.

Organize the Tools that Make Your Team Tick

Sync with, link to or embed the tools that your employees use so that they only have to look for them in one place. Not only does this make working on-the-go a more inclusive and efficient process, but with the option for a desktop application, HARBOR@work could become the first application your teams use to begin their workday.

Get more usable data using HARBOR@work

Get More Workplace Data than Ever Before

Measures the effectiveness of your app via advanced tracking and reporting to get a clear understanding of open rates, optimal delivery times, and most accessed app content so you can respond quickly to inefficiencies and make swift changes to workplace strategy.

Enhance workplace culture with a digital presence

Enhance Culture

Help remote employees embrace organizational culture by ensuring they're aware of company news, virtual events, fun updates and more. Having a mobile application allows you to reach more employees in more effective, and creative ways.

Manage room booking and hoteling

Manage Room Booking and Hoteling

Help your employees reserve the spaces they want to work in without having to turn on their desktops. Whether it's a townhall meeting space or a heads-down booth, HARBOR@work syncs with your existing calendar tool to make space reservation a breeze.

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