IAXR differentiates itself from other virtual reality creators by leveraging our deep expertise in the design of physical spaces to create meaningful, immersive virtual environments.

IAXR brings together real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearables to support meetings, groups, and one-on-one casual encounters. We see this as an additional tool and the next evolution of supporting a workplace by connecting colleagues in a more satisfying way as remote working becomes more widely accepted.

A Peek into Tomorrow on NBC's Today Show

IAXR and IA's Director of Design Intelligence Guy Messick were recently featured on NBC's Today Show in a piece about the future of virtual reality in the workplace. Watch the full video to learn more.


VR allows users to be transported to a virtual or simulated experience; their actual physical surroundings are completely excluded.
IAXR - Augmented Reality
AR technology superimposes digital elements on top of the user’s physical environment. This can be done through wearable headsets such as the HoloLens 2 or experienced from a tablet device.
MR blends the digital world with the physical environment. While similar to AR, with MR digital objects are not superimposed but integrated with the user’s physical surroundings.

IAXR Branding

Bespoke Design and Branding Experiences

We develop custom environments for XR interactions that speak to an organization's brand, and allow teams to realize virtual efficiency of space. By having strategically placed conference areas, breakout zones, and private meeting spaces and more that help your team make the most of digital meetings of every size.

Training & Education Tool

Immersive learning is a growing field and XR is being used to train and educate people. This has been particularly useful when working on complex equipment and creating simulations, and is now being applied in many fields.

Virtual Experiences, Usable Outputs

IAXR integrates into your existing workflows seamlessly. Draw, markup work, or hold daily scrums with your team using white board space, speech-to-text transcription, virtual sticky notes, and an image editing and review application. Incorporating 3D objects for direct interaction allows your teams to take things to the next level.

A Scalable Solution

IAXR can be used to bring together global teams in efficient, war-room or conference room settings, or serve as an attraction for hundreds in virtual trade shows, conferences, and  all-hands meetings. 

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