Lighting Design

Lighting is a critical part of the user experience, connected to an organization's efficiency, sustainability strategy, and user wellness.

Lighting is a fundamental element of nature and design that allows us to enjoy the environment in which we live and work. IA’s lighting design team utilizes a wide range of tools and design processes to provide lighting solutions that are affordable, efficient and reliable but also, artistic, playful, and unexpected when it counts.

Integrated Design Management

Integrated Design Process

Lighting shouldn’t simply be added in after the rest of the design is complete. Lighting is a design element that should inform and be informed by all other components of the project. Having lighting designers embedded in the design team produces better outcomes for our clients

Lighting Design Validation

Lighting Design Validation

Architectural lighting design can be both highly artistic and highly technical. Many aspects of lighting design can and should be validated by photometric calculations. IA performs lighting calculations cost effectively by leveraging our BIM-based design process to avoid extra modeling costs.

Energy Management and Sustainability

Energy Management and Sustainability

Lighting is one of the greatest consumers of energy in the built environment, and therefore presents a major opportunity to conserve it while reducing long-term costs. Our team supports power reduction goals by tracking lighting power throughout the design process. We can also assist with energy compliance documentation when required.

Mockups and Testing

Mockups and Testing

We maintain a high level of capability to produce mock-ups for lighting details at very low cost within our studio. We can also conduct lighting surveys at existing client spaces and outdoor areas to diagnose lighting issues or to help establish a basis of design for new projects.

Insider Knowledge

It is no secret that the lighting industry has many layers, and numerous factors can combine to determine final costs. Navigating the inner working of lighting procurement and distribution systems requires experience and sometimes requires creative approaches to the specification process.

Programming, aiming and focusing

Programming, Aiming, and Focusing

On-site assistance with aiming and focusing of specialty lighting installations is a highly recommended service. Our designers also have the skill sets to provide support for programming of DMX and other theatrical and entertainment lighting systems.

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