Stand Up for Diversity

IA is a diverse community of dedicated, creative individuals, steadfast in our commitment to creating a culture of acceptance and equality. Together, we choose to stand up against prejudice and injustice, and incorporate egalitarianism into our practice, each and every day. Through our philanthropic arm IA Reach, we seek to amplify underrepresented voices and give aid to those in need. Our goal is to create human-centric designs, spaces where people of all backgrounds feel safe and empowered to not only do their best work, but to collaborate with their colleagues and drive innovation to the benefit of society.

To reaffirm IA’s dedication to diversity and inclusion, we have given a donation to the Dr. Maya Angelou Foundation, which supports educational excellence and healthcare equity initiatives for all. Our offices will continue to be active in their local communities, supporting organizations and charities that they are passionate about. We strive for a brighter future, and will do our part to be a leader in designing for equity.

Germer Beaman & Brown, PLLC

As a provider of legal services to clients ranging from civil litigation to business transactions, it was imperative that Germer’s planning approach accommodate varied workstyles and client types. By creating a multi-functional public-facing zone, including two reception lobbies, a café, an adjacent boardroom, and deposition rooms, the design can easily accommodate the varied experience of multiple clients simultaneously.

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