The Big Idea

IA Interior Architects was honoured to be one of six design teams developing a Future Neighbourhood at Toronto’s Interior Design Show, January 18-21, 2024

IDS’ Future Neighbourhood is an immersive journey of visionary installations that address challenges like the housing crisis, evolving workspaces, aging in place, and tech integration. Inspired by Toronto's diverse neighborhoods, let’s step into a world where design shapes our future…

The Concept

Research indicates that time spent in nature is connected to cognitive and mental health benefits, as well as improvements in mood and emotional well-being.

We spend at least 1/3 of our day working, so immersing ourselves in a natural environment benefits our health and keeps us at our most productive state.

Be Anywhere. Together. puts this into practice with a sensory, healing, and transformative experience that explores the intersection of technology and sustainability. Here, technology surrounds and immerses you in nature as we dive into four key elements: Connection, Community, Sensory, and Sustainability.

Jason Chin | Senior Designer

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“Our goal is to harness immersive digital technologies to spark creativity and encourage collaboration in our physical spaces. We explored how physical space can transform into anything the participants require at the moment for a specific task at hand. The idea is that our walls can be a blank slate for an immersive layer. Through digital programming, the same four walls can be used to enhance creativity, foster concentration, or promote a calming effect.”

Jason Chin | Senior Designer


The interplay of people and place is designed in harmony with people’s ever changing sensory journeys. Elevating design with technology empowers us to create sensory-filled digital experiences—site, sound, and feel—that provide deeper emotional engagement through immersive storytelling that seamlessly blends physical and virtual space. As we surround visitors in immersive, digital canvases we allow for a moment of discovery to awaken the mind and to feel connected.


The immersive experience prioritizes and facilitates human connection and interaction, encourages collaboration, and sparks creative exchange through co-creation. The most coveted places—like the forest or beach—remain relevant because they resonate with people at deeper emotional levels, sparking creativity and promoting community in unique sensory experiences that go beyond the predictable.


Transcending physical boundaries enables people to connect and collaborate regardless of their location, fostering meaningful connections, prompting conversations, and strengthening community ties. By leveraging digital experiences within physical spaces and incorporating bio-based materials, this sensory oasis serves as a social hub that brings people together.


We prioritized the use of sustainable materials in the booth’s design.

These materials are derived from renewable resources such as plants and have the potential to be more environmentally friendly and less resource-intensive.

After the show, IA donated furnishings and exhibit components to local institutions or organizations that can benefit them. Our exhibit fabrication process also followed this environmentally and socially sustainable mindset, ensuring valuable resources are not wasted and can assist others in the community.

We promote a culture of sharing and borrowing among our community. Our ultimate goal is to have zero impact and generate no waste.

Mycelium biofabrication imagery courtesy of Mushlume.

Mushlume Mycelium lamps are made from the root structure of mushrooms. bricks were used for the screen wall.

Additional Net Zero products include furniture and flooring.

Beverly Horii | Managing Director
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Tel: (647) 749.0620

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"We explored how environments can contribute to health and wellness as well as not negatively impacting our world. Our zero carbon material selections, especially Mycelium, were critical during our process to show other designers how this is achievable in their designs."

Beverly Horii | Managing Director

Immersive Technology

The immersive environment engages all the senses.

By utilizing digital experiences, we transform spaces to suit different activities, and by incorporating bio-based materials, we create a rich and stimulating sensory experience.

Using a blend of cutting-edge display technology within this immersive space added a touch of wonder, enhanced storytelling, and sparked conversations among participants. The digital experiences offer the ability to refresh the space without the need for construction.

Anywhere Together

A series of environments will be transported to a large LED controlled by the 30" Transparent Touch OLED display.

Transparent Touch OLED Navigation Screen

An LG Transparent Touch OLED display controls the content shown on a large 171" All-in-one LED and two 75" portrait LCDs that flank it on either side. Visitors can cycle through different environments and learn about our experience through a simple and intuitive navigation.

Marcos Terenzio | Senior Director, Digital Experience
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Tel: (416) 567.8957

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"Elevating architectural design with integrated technology empowers us to create sensory-filled digital experiences that provide deeper emotional engagement. In our concept, we surround visitors with digital canvases that transcend them to virtual spaces. Advancements in XR and Spatial UX design are influencing not only mixed reality devices, but also reimagining transparent display technology and its role in augmenting physical spaces. This allows us to be immersed together with others, unifying the best of the physical and virtual world."

Marcos Terenzio | Senior Director, Digital Experience

Future Neighbourhood was created in partnership with...

ABCL Interiors: Carpentry

Ambius: Plant Installation

BrightSign: Digital Signage Player

CMS Electrical Group: Electrical Consulting & Implementation

Forbo Flooring Systems: Marmoleum Flooring

Goodee: Recycled Richardson Chairs

Greenferd: Construction & Project Management Mycelium Bricks

Leon Speakers: Custom Audio

LG Business Solutions: LED Panels

MushLume Lighting: Decorative Mycelium Pendant Light Fixtures

Nationwide Audio Visual: A/V

Realmotion: Digital Content

Smelling Pink: Scent Immersion

Spot Digital: Digital Content

Studio 1112: LED RGB Lights

About IDS

The Interior Design Show (IDS) is Canada’s platform for contemporary, cutting-edge design. It is the country’s sole access point to the burgeoning interior design and architecture specification market. 2024 is the 25th edition of the show.

As well as a packed show floor featuring high-quality interior design products, IDS has a keynote stage, bringing the most creative international designers; a CEU-accredited seminar program; an opening night party for 6,000 people; and features and installations designed to inspire, inform and delight.