Perception is never the act of a single sense. Engage one sense and the others come into play. At the workplace, the cafe/lounge engages all five senses stimulated by ambience and the anticipated pleasures of taste. As a favorite destination designed for the persona of the community it serves, the café/lounge with a welcoming vibe offers an array of opportunities—convenient nourishment; respite for decompression; social interaction and comradery; a place to work, collaborate, play, or simply chill. Take a peek at a few of our favorites below. 

Confidential Client | Dublin, Ireland

Spacious, open, and airy, designed for wellbeing with a calming neutral palette and biophilic features, this venue serves a large thriving community.
Photography Donal Murphy

Confidential Client | Toronto, ON

True to the brick and beam construction of its 1920s heritage site, this café/lounge is cozy, comfortable, and recreational.

Photography doublespace

BMO | Chicago, IL

Playful, with an emphasis on curved elements and a soft palette under a warm lattice/coffered-type ceiling, the café/lounge extends out of doors for fresh air, greenery, and impressive views. 

Photography Patsy McEnroe

rEvolution | Chicago, IL

Sophisticated, relaxed, and club-like, the venue enjoys natural light plus an adjacent outdoor area.

Photography Tom Harris

Brown Forman | Irvine, CA

Warm, intimate, and designed to brand, a flexible café space for a well-known distillery company works equally well for all-hands meetings or a party of one.

Photography Benny Chan/Fotoworks

Confidential Client | Irvine, CA

Inspired by indoor/outdoor Southern California living, this lounge/café is perfect for social interaction, work, or just about any agenda.

Photography Benny Chan/Fotoworks

Qualtrics | Reston, VA

Edgy and sprawling at the foot of the stairs, with multiple amenities as well as outside seating, this venue is ideal for casual encounters or hanging out.

Photography Todd Mason

Confidential Client | Romania

Bright and open, this space creates breathing room for decompression and refueling.

Final Thoughts

Each café/lounge geared to wellbeing should be sui generis just like the community it serves.