Interiors and Sources Look Book


“Yes, we stole the term “Look Book” from our way more refined fashion counterparts and had our way with it. We asked some good friends to look into their crystal balls by cracking open their sketchbooks to identify what trends will explode next year for interiors. The next few pages feature original artwork from three designers, created exclusively for I&S! Here’s what they had to say (and show) about it…

Chris Larson

Design director, IA Interior Architects

The specific trend that I’m identifying is a melding of the environmental character of the home and the workplace. There will be a desire for a more residential, less corporate feeling at the office. Not only the look and feel, but amenities you might find in your home will be included in the office such as exercise equipment, kitchen and gaming, and less formal meeting places. This reflects a merging of market types from hospitality, to corporate, residential, retail, and even healthcare in office design.