This New REI Concept is the Next Evolution in Experiential Retail

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Adrian Thompson of interiors+sources’  investigates the North Conway, New Hampshire home of REI’s experimental experiential retail location, designed by IA Interior Architects.

“We devoted one-third of the floor space at the heart of the store to this communal space. It’s anchored by a multifunctional service counter in front of an open back-of-house ‘gear garage’ that showcases to the customer the robust rental program. The space also facilitates workshops and guided tour programs that connect visitors and locals alike to the best means to explore the nearby recreation area. These programs leverage community and non-profit partners to support the success of the region.” – Caroline Beaulieu, designer for IA Interior Architects

The article reviews the retail paths users will be taking, the concept of bringing the retail location to the destination (versus near the customers’ homes), and why this experiment is so important to REI’s vision.