A&G (Allen & Gerritsen)

Third Space | Boston, MA
21,000 SF

A great idea should never stop short.

Advertising and communications agency A&G partnered with IA to create a redefined workplace experience for the world of hybrid work. The A&G brand, identified by the ampersand logo, combined with the belief that a great idea should never stop short is key to the new headquarters design.

“Last year when we made decisions about our real estate, it was a great opportunity to reimagine the future of the workplace,” according to Andrew Graff, chief executive officer of A&G in a recent press release.

“We were not interested in returning to the office and continuing the old ways and habits of the past. As a company, we believe being together with intention is in fact important to the success of our business, and that flexibility will help improve overall agency productivity, employee well-being, and engagement. So, instead of a focus on solitary offices and desks, we focus on maximizing shared spaces to think, create, and make together.”

Following in-depth strategizing, IA envisioned a workplace for the future that leaves the traditional office experience behind. The result is a third space optimized for creators and collaborators emphasizing community and culture.

The free-flowing, flexible space easily hosts clients and partners for large and small-scale events. Intentional togetherness is experienced through hybrid meetings and at maker spaces. Across the floor plan, these spaces are technology-rich to facilitate analog brainstorming and heads-together moments at varying types of unassigned work points.

The journey starts at the reception, a cozy lounge; there is no reception desk. Entering the space visitors immerse in the A&G culture and brand. Guests are encouraged to have a cup of coffee at the adjacent café, defined by a large, wood-gridded ceiling element with globe lights. Seating and area rugs project a residential feel, creating an alternative workspace with a range of setting choices. Nearby the client conference room is wrapped in warm, neutral textures; in addition to the conference table and chairs, a large banquet provides additional seating.

Moving through the public area into the workspace the focus is on nurturing to spark creativity. Neutral-toned materials and textures are the backdrop to pin-up areas. Bold decorative light fixtures punctuate the design. 

A variety of space types, enclosed and open, support a range of tasks from heads-down work to extended brainstorming sessions in the war rooms. A creative suite includes a video production room, maker space, editing room, and a recording booth.

“Our Third Spaces are where community, conversation, and the needed sense of belonging come together,” said Jennifer Putnam, chief creative officer at A&G in a May 8, 2023 press release. “Trading in the traditional rigid office for a flexible and agile work environment sets us up for more creative success. And I’m so proud that we had the vision to say, ‘we can’t go backwards.’ If we want to reinvent the future of the workplace, we have to reimagine the spaces we do it in, and make sure creativity, inclusion and comfort are core to these spaces.”

Photography by © Ben Gancsos

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