Cambridge Associates


Boston, MA | 116,000 SF

A dynamic transition to hybrid work in Boston's new Winthrop Center

Global investment firm Cambridge Associates, celebrating its 50th year in 2023, recently relocated its Boston office to the top three floors of Winthrop Center, a new building in Boston’s Financial District. The hybrid workplace transitions Cambridge Associates from assigned desks/offices to a vibrant destination that optimizes employee choice and connection as well as the ability to host clients. 

At the heart of its culture Cambridge Associates is bold, and not surprisingly the executive team championed an unassigned seating model focused on collaboration with no private offices.

IA’s design features a central community hub off the elevator lobbies with hive neighborhoods nestled in each of the floorplate’s three spokes, which take advantage of external views. Every neighborhood offers a variety of seating options for high-performance, heads-down work and includes focus pods, library tables, and height-adjustable desks with dual monitors. In addition to coworking cafes, all neighborhoods offer a technology-enabled collaboration zone with booth seating, phone rooms, and several smaller touchdown spaces.

On the 25th floor, a double-height reception and interconnecting stair adjacent to the conference center, breakout zones, and recruiting/client-facing spaces anchors the design. The two work floors feature a large main café ideal for town hall meetings and a library.

Underlining Cambridge Associate’s brand—global scale with a boutique touch—lighting, transparency, and open areas with views to the exterior are balanced by intimate, warm, approachable spaces.

Lit baffled ceilings complement impressive exterior vistas in open spaces: areas without a view embrace the inherent intimacy suggested by wood features and area rugs. Throughout, a sense of hospitality enhances the employee, client, and recruit experience.

A key aspect of IA’s workplace strategy, confirmed by a staff survey, is the employees’ commitment to sustainability and wellness. Staff agreed that a sustainable building and design would bolster Cambridge Associate’s path to zero carbon and contribute to a healthier workplace. 

With that in mind, IA’s pre-lease services included a sustainability analysis of several buildings. Winthrop Center was ultimately chosen due to its LEED Platinum and WELL Gold certifications, as well as its energy-efficient envelope; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing zoning; enhanced indoor air quality and filtration; and water quality testing.

Photography by Robert Benson

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