The Collage Culinary Experience

Food Hall | Costa Mesa, CA

Conceived by the J+R Group, Collage stands as a testament to reimagining the traditional concept of a luxury food hall.

Nestled within one of Bloomingdale's highest-grossing stores, Collage is not merely a place to dine but a culinary journey that spans the globe. It brings together boutique eateries, local startups, and internationally renowned restaurants, offering a diverse array of dishes, from beloved comfort foods like chicken and waffles to exotic delights like sushi and Xiao Long Bao, complemented by a range of exquisite cocktails. All of this splendor is encapsulated under one roof by IA, making Collage a unique and immersive destination.

IA's experiential design team embarked on a creative endeavor to breathe life into the experience. 

The design weaves together two distinct aesthetics, drawing inspiration from luxury food collectives in Asia for the upper floor and evoking the moody and gritty ambiance of Hong Kong street food vendors for the lower level. This harmonious fusion serves to complement the Bloomingdale brand and immerse guests in the excitement of discovering inviting restaurants, akin to wandering down a bustling street.

At its core, Collage represents an innovative response to the changing dynamics of the retail landscape, shaped by technology and evolving consumer preferences. Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza store, a retail powerhouse, found itself with an unused 11,000 square feet of prime real estate due to the surge in online sales. Collage's innovative concept not only maximizes this underutilized space but also redefines the role of anchor tenants in prestigious retail malls worldwide. It's a testament to the idea that a socially engaging and luxurious dining experience can revitalize retail spaces in an era of e-commerce dominance.

Collage's exceptional design features further enhance its allure. The grand stair, spanning 60 feet in length and 12 feet in width, serves as a captivating focal point that connects and visually distinguishes the two levels.

Its enlarged landing design accommodates live music and entertainment, adding to the vibrancy of the space. A custom canopy on the patio offers shade in the summer and integrated heating in the winter, providing an inviting indoor-outdoor dining experience. The mezzanine seating area, adorned with monolithic rose-colored glass and custom chandelier pendant fixtures, adds an elegant touch, while the lower-level common area acts as a bustling hub. The steepled corridor, with its biophilic design elements, serves as a primary artery, connecting Collage to Bloomingdale's and promising future expansion opportunities.

Collage is more than just a culinary destination; it is a symbol of adaptability and innovation in the face of changing retail landscapes. It showcases how repurposing underutilized spaces and reimagining traditional retail anchors can lead to exciting and socially engaging experiences. As Collage sets the stage for a new era of retail, it offers valuable insights into the future of brick-and-mortar shopping destinations, where dining and entertainment converge to create unforgettable moments for visitors.

Photography by © Garrett Rowland

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