ExteNet Systems

Headquarters Relocation

37,000 SF | Frisco, TX

Preceded by changes in leadership, rebranding, and the move to Dallas, the new work environment fosters growth and positivity.

The core of the workplace is divided into three large zones and two generous open spaces that connect business departments, organically pulling teams into a relaxed and collaborative environment that enjoys wood floors, a warm palette at the walls, and open ceilings.

A metal-mesh feature at the ceiling referencing ExteNet’s technological prowess guides visitors/staff from the elevator to the entrance.

Exterior views overlook the surrounding area; daylight penetrates throughout the workplace. Strategically placed centralized breakrooms and libraries encourage spontaneous meetings and cross-collaboration.

An executive leadership team zone facilitates engagement and impromptu meetings. Feedback from stakeholders and legacy employees ensures the design benefits departmental needs and operational workflow.

Photography by © Wade Griffith Photography