Fredrikson & Byron

Law Firm Office Relocation
160,000 SF | Minneapolis, MN

Supporting a culture of collaboration and efficiency. 

Law firm Fredrikson & Byron relocated and reimagined its 160,000 SF headquarters to emphasize its sophisticated, forward-looking culture and set the stage for a shared, innovative, and equitable space. The design focuses on its core principles of culture, collaboration, and efficiency.

Unassigned seating is a pillar of the new space. Free address desks, offices, and team rooms can be reserved via a concierge service, along with work cafes organized to encourage spontaneous interaction and be a destination for casual collaboration and mentoring. A conference center and two interconnecting stairs add to the energized and functional work environment.

With the challenge of creating an enticing post-pandemic work environment, IA not only devised space-planning solutions to increase flexibility but also designed amenities appealing enough to reignite excitement for a return to work.

Using a structured discovery process, IA captured the current context from a variety of perspectives while building ideas for potential change in the workplace approach. Fredrikson & Byron’s leadership, space committee, and individual staff were engaged through visioning sessions, a workplace survey, and interviews to determine space needs and goals.

Free address seating and dedicated team rooms are available on each floor in premier locations, along with work cafes as central hubs that encourage spontaneous interaction, and some cafes adjacent to stairs that enhance foot traffic.

With a commitment to adaptability and expansion, the design establishes a less than 1:1 ratio of offices to attorneys, utilizing reservable offices to provide flexibility now and for anticipated scenarios. The concierge service provides set up for reserving an office or space. This holistic approach not only redefines the physical space but sets the stage for a shared, innovative, and equitable work environment.

Design highlights of the nearly 160,000 square-foot space include curved-wood-veneer detailing that graces the lounge, reception, and concierge areas on the hospitality floor, as well as curved wood-veneer shelving in the library, a space for respite, that contributes to the seamless and sumptuous design.

With a touch of sophistication, an illuminated stretched-fabric ceiling further elevates the elegant ambiance. The design features modernized and upgraded the client conference center, providing high-touch spaces and value to guests. For flexibility, the space offers two demountable walls, a telescoping wall and a vertical lift wall.

Promoting movement throughout the day is evident in the planning of cafes and central hubs. It was important to retain the two existing interconnecting stairs which were carefully integrated into the new planning concept. A delicate "surgery" of railing upgrades improved the aesthetics. Additional wellness design philosophies included unisex restrooms, mothers rooms, and wellness rooms on each floor, as well as careful selection of acoustical materials and FF&E selections. Maximized daylight for all employees during the planning process promotes focus, health, and relief. Lighting systems also integrated dimming and task lighting with user control.

Photography by © Brandon Stengel

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