Global Consulting Firm

New Workplace
5,060 SF | Miami, FL

Art deco details in an unmistakably Miami workplace.  

To create new ways of working after the pandemic, this global consulting firm moved to free address and flexible work areas in contrast to their previous model of assigned desks. The new work style has been implemented throughout the firm’s global offices in line with size and budget for each location. In addition, the firm is committed to ensuring each office reflects and celebrates the local community and unique regional influences. 

The reduction in assigned desks allows for an increase of collaboration zones as well as multiple flexible spaces that include modular rooms for meetings, open collaboration pods, and greater kitchen/café space to accommodate town halls, shared experiences, and client events.

For the Miami office, to celebrate the area’s rich, varied landscape, architecture, culture, and community the design team integrated Art Deco details that include curved and scalloped archways and a range of regional colors from vintage pastels to cotton-candy pinks, with cabanas for collaboration, a nod to the city’s hospitality industry. 

The workplace incorporates soft, light wood and terrazzo counters alongside simple, streamlined furniture that reflects the city’s modernity. The firm’s interview room takes the hospitality feel a step further with a pool-inspired design featuring blue glass tiles that evoke water and water-themed graphics to truly submerge (pun intended) the user in the ambience.

The central collaboration zone is easily reconfigured for all-hands meetings, office parties, or client events. Enclosed offices, huddle rooms, and interview rooms, designed for flexible use and future growth, double as additional unassigned work areas.

Photography by © Andrea Calo

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