Global Investment
Management Company

55,000 SF | Belgrade, Serbia

A contemporary, collaborative environment that integrates New Belgrade’s emerging modern culture.

This relocation project for a global investment management company was a comprehensive initiative to centralize approximately 600 employees and managers into an evolved hybrid office across five floors.

The client engaged IA to progress and refine this space, focusing on creating a contemporary and collaborative environment that deeply integrates New Belgrade’s emerging modern culture.

The project emphasized the creation of team neighborhoods that foster a sense of identity, belonging, and motivation for employees to return to in-person work. The goal was to craft a workspace that not only meets operational needs but also inspires innovation and team synergy, reflecting the company’s commitment to enhancing workplace dynamics and supporting a positive, inclusive office culture.

True to the client's brand ethos, the transition from private offices to an open, collaborative hub allows for unprecedented flexibility with the opportunity for memorable connections.

The workplace balances sophistication and intent, with spaces range from informal lounges with gaming consoles, pantries with open seating, and breakout areas to executive boardrooms.

A fully flexible large event space enhances utility by hosting internal town halls and various community networking events, showcasing the project's adaptability to various professional and social needs.

Training rooms and a technology hub demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

The design balances opposing elements—old and new, raw and refined, neutral and colorful—drawing local inspiration, with a particular nod to New Belgrade.

The forms take cues from the city itself, incorporating rounded corners and joinery reminiscent of the Nouveau and Brutalist architecture found throughout the city. 

Photography by © Relja Ivanić

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