HP Inc. 

Reading, England | 27,000 SF

HP Inc.

Reading, England | 27,000 sq. ft.  

  • HPI open work space
  • Casual small group work space at HPI London's work space
  • HPI's London casual work space with a view of the Thames
  • Open work cafe area at HPI London

Project Highlights

  • Headquarters relocation within Thames Valley Park
  • Design concept inspired by an "Enchanted Forest" theme, resonating with the local landscape
  • Open meeting area centered ta the heart of the space to encourage collaboration
  • Locally-sourced materials and calming colors throughout reinforced the design theme
  • Meeting rooms were named after protected ancient forests
  • Natural lighting reduces energy consumption
  • Received a BREEAM "Very Good" rating


HP Incorporated (HPI) formerly a division of HPE relocated their new headquarters to two floors within Thames Valley Park in Reading, UK. In response to the surrounding environment, the "Enchanted Forest" theme was adopted with the design concept's central theme, incorporating biophilia and "bringing the outside, in." A focus on user-experience and environmental mindfulness, untenable at its previous location, resonated with HPI’s ethos.

The new work environment includes elements of surprise that reflect the landscape. Curved walls and angled elements create a sense of being immersed in nature including a central meeting space with views of a surrounding lake. To reinforce the theme, the project used amble timber for furniture, calming colors with contrasts of bright accents to suggesting a bed of wildflowers. Flooring patterns indicated pathways that led you through the interior, hanging acoustics were shaped like trees, while wall graphics were of natural landscapes.

All meeting rooms were named after protected ancient forests, while manifestation to glazing were designed to mimic trees in a fog, and furniture was locally sourced with a focus on natural lighting that reduced the energy consumption. All of these design features contributed to the project's BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating.

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