HubSpot Campus Headquarters

Cambridge, MA

A decade-long relationship in support of HubSpot's robust office ecosystem: a connected, thriving campus of workspaces and amenities with a strong culture.

In 2013, HubSpot, a leader in marketing software, engaged IA to develop and implement a next-generation workplace for its Cambridge, MA headquarters campus.

The design goal was to support the robust HubSpot office ecosystem, a connected, thriving campus of workspaces and amenities with a strong culture that also serves as a tool for recruiting and retaining top software developer talent. Since then, IA has completed several campus expansion projects for HubSpot, most recently its new executive briefing center.  

Due to rapid growth, less than a year after completion of the headquarters renovation in 2013, HubSpot required more space and expanded into a nearby building. Developing with the company, the evolving design standards and expansion became a more mature version of HubSpot’s original space and features a refined use of similar materials and colors.

To avoid duplicating amenities between the buildings and create a campus community, the expansion spaces host a large auditorium/town-hall training space with moveable bleachers, a full-service display kitchen for special meals, and an atrium with a beer garden and a full-service coffee bar.

Workspaces are designed specifically for the research and development team but within the design standards can be adapted for other teams in the future. Small conference rooms, focus areas, collaboration zones, and lounge spaces are alternative work settings away from desks.

IA recently performed a post-pandemic workplace analysis which led to HubSpot’s new hybrid strategy focused on creating inviting environments that draw staff to the campus. As an example, the new executive briefing center offers a high-touch environment responsive to constantly evolving innovations. Designed for in-person and remote participants, it offers robust AV solutions with hospitality elements.

Throughout the company’s evolution, IA has created and updated HubSpot’s design standards, implementing them globally at locations that include Dublin, Ireland, and Singapore.

Photography by © Robert Benson Photography

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