Reston, VA | 208,000 SF

A holistic approach to workplace transformation

IA joined forces with consulting firm ICF to revolutionize and implement their nationwide future workplaces, including the relocation of their headquarters in Reston, VA. Conducting interviews and focus groups with key users, IA crafted a tailored neighborhood concept, featuring collaborative spaces, agile work areas, and activity-based zones to provide unparalleled user flexibility.

The carefully planned amenity floor, boasting a terrace, café, conference center, auditorium, and executive suite, not only fulfilled essential needs but also radiated a sense of comfort and well-being for both employees and visitors.

A fundamental design priority was the celebration of ICF's rich history and corporate values. The design narrative incorporated high-impact graphics, paying homage to ICF’s legacy, the significance of its work, and its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

A data-driven strategic planning approach enabled a seamless adaptation to a post-pandemic new normal. The completed design stood as a testament to the integration of technology, sustainability, and innovative work methodologies.

Building a sustainable future is a core pillar for ICF. By reducing ICF's real estate footprint, they were able to reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact, achieving LEED Gold certification. 

The redesigned furniture and activity zones support a hybrid work model, promoting a more sustainable work-life balance and minimizing the need for excessive commuting. ICF's workplace transformation journey has enabled them to reduce costs, improve productivity, and create a sustainable and employee-centric work environment.

Photography by © Halkin Mason Photography

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