Relocation | San Jose, CA

A fluid work environment for a tech company focused on quality and innovation.

Logitech’s recent office relocation in San Jose is a bold demonstration of the company’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and innovative workplace that aligns seamlessly with its tech-forward culture. 

The transformation began with a strategic move to reduce the number of assigned desks, embracing a free-address system that encourages mobility and collaboration. This significant shift optimizes space utilization, fostering a more fluid work environment that resonates with Logitech’s progressive work culture.

The workspace is thoughtfully organized into neighborhoods, providing direct access to natural light and views. Innovative collaboration pods and booths, inspired by designs like Framery phone booths, are strategically placed to provide privacy. A concentration of labs in the core of the building consolidates research and development activities.

The office’s unique features include a grand entry lobby enveloped in warm horizontal wood planks, serving as a welcoming focal point that sets the tone for the entire space. Adjacent to the lobby, a versatile lounge space with a pantry, banquets, booths, and flexible seating arrangements complement the “Town Hall” space, accommodating large gatherings and various events.

On the opposite side of the lobby, a client-facing area showcases Logitech products, displaying home, office, gaming, and learning items. Moving beyond this area, the space opens up to a flexible work environment with high-back single chairs, communal tables, seating booths, and collaboration zones catering to various work styles. Local artists and graphic designers were commissioned to create dynamic artwork and graffiti throughout the space, creating a unique connection to the local community.

Logitech’s office relocation integrates footprint reduction with functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. The result is a cutting-edge workspace that authentically reflects the company’s ethos, promoting employee collaboration and inspiration.

Photography by © Garry Belinsky