New Workplace | 50,000 SF
Reston, VA

Industrial minimalism meets warm hospitality, fostering innovation and embracing local flare

Qualtrics' new 50,000-square-foot Reston office occupies two floors at a recently developed complex of commercial and residential buildings on the thriving tech corridor just outside Washington, D.C.

A minimalistic approach and industrial aesthetic create a warm, dynamic work environment. The design centers around an elliptical corridor, akin to the D.C. beltway, creating an inner and an outer zone. Dubbed the Hero Path in reference to a path of the same name at Qualtrics’ Seattle headquarters, the corridor is enhanced with interconnecting stairs, encouraging vertical and horizontal movement that complements the company’s emphasis on walking meetings.

The inner and outer zones mark a transition in material finishes. The inner zone with reception and conference spaces encircles a round core element of brick, metal, and concrete representing the city. The outer zone represents the suburbs. Light, open, and relaxed, featuring subtle textures, natural wood, and greenery, it offers a variety of spaces, amenities, and neighborhoods.

The entrance to the new workplace leads to the Blues Café, a communal hub and open-concept work-café (with catering kitchen) inspired by Washington, D.C.’s historic jazz scene.

Vinyl decals on the wall speak to the company's casual, fun-loving culture. The nearby beer garden is adjacent to the game room featuring arcade-like video games and musical instruments.  A large-scale Lego-type installation on the wall speaks to the playful aspect of the company’s culture. Additional custom vinyl decals and stickers, as well as skateboards as artifacts, are seen throughout the workspace.

Alternative work points, a library/lounge, and focus rooms support Qualtrics’ agile culture and ethos. There is a wellness center with quiet lounges for moments of leisure and a private outdoor terrace that invites employees to unwind. The new workplace, holistically designed for productivity and relaxation, supports and inspires the creativity and well-being of Qualtrics’ innovative employees.

Photography by © Halkin Mason Photography

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