New Workplace | 275,000 SF
Seattle, WA

Empowering connectivity, culture, and growth by capturing the essence of a vibrant culture

At the Qualtrics Tower in Seattle, the company’s new thirteen-floor workplace embodies its vision for connectivity, culture, and growth.

The first step in the design process for Qualtrics’ new offices established a material concept based on simplicity and elegance, aptly dubbed Industrial Minimalism, utilizing a base palette of concrete, steel, wood, and glass. The second step captured the essence of Qualtrics’ culture and the vibrant spirit of Seattle.

Forging connections between employees across all floors to promote spontaneous interaction was the overarching design objective. Given the significance of community for the Qualtrics culture, a pervasive sense of interconnectivity throughout the workspace was established.

Shunning traditional hero spaces, the design eschewed a large central gathering area in favor of an innovative approach, the hero path, based on horizontal and vertical circulation that spans a quarter-mile across three floors and two stairwells to encourage dynamic movement.

The hero path, resonating with the Qualtrics culture’s emphasis on walking meetings, creates connection and community along its route, passing by the Brew Hub, the café, and an all-hands space that celebrates Seattle's rich music history.

All communal areas, planned as genuine social spaces, reflect the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive atmosphere. Winding and sealed concrete ribbons on the floor define the path as a continuous curvilinear trail.

In line with the minimalistic aesthetic, the design incorporates repurposed furniture and electronics from Qualtrics' previous office, choosing sustainability over new acquisitions. All new materials were selected for cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly attributes, and 100% recyclable content.

As a unique and innovative feature, swings crafted from authentic skateboard decks using steel locally sourced, rope, and accessories from a nearby fishing supply store speak to the team's resourcefulness and focus on sustainability.

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Photography by © Garrett Rowland

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