Shell USA, Inc.

Woodcreek Campus Collaboration Floor Renovation 
29,000 SF | Houston, TX

A people-first sustainable workplace.

Shell USA, Inc. wanted to transform its workplace into an environment where employees could connect in flexible small or large group settings or do solo work.

Through the evolution of its workplace standards, the company had a strong vision for a people-first sustainable workplace. Through cross-disciplinary meetings, IA designed a solution that caters to an array of work and social needs. This project was the pilot for the first agile, free-address workplace at Shell USA, Inc.’s Woodcreek Campus.

The new high-performing workplace features a variety of spaces for in-person and hybrid collaboration and a hierarchy of settings that challenge the typical workplace environment. From casual open areas to more formal enclosed spaces, the design creates opportunities for individual and group work as well as social connections. 

Features include the piloting of technology to appropriately complement tasks at collaboration areas and large group or individual settings. Highlights include a variety of furniture typologies, demountable walls, and distinct neighborhoods. All areas enjoy views of the surrounding Houston area, and touches of biophilia are seen throughout.

Through expertise and the innovative use of materials, IA delivered elevated design solutions that blend with existing conditions. A thoughtful approach and minor cosmetic upgrades allowed for the preservation of some existing elements, extending their life and creating cost-savings that allowed design features to be prioritized at high-impact locations. Although it was not necessary to recertify the workspace’s sustainability rating, sustainable practices were required that contributed to the overall design.

Photography by © Chris Bacarella