Women's Healthcare Clinics Nationwide
4,000 SF Each

Tia's new clinics from California to New York City are inviting havens for women’s healthcare, layered with natural materials and curved elements.

Tia, a reimagined healthcare provider, engaged IA to set new design standards for their nationwide expansion. Positioning the clinics as inviting havens for women’s healthcare—where the hospitality of home blends seamlessly with the reassurance of hygienic clinical care—the new concept, layered with natural materials and carefully chosen colors, is intimate, minimal, and intuitive.

Throughout, the integration of curved elements and the evolved color palette enliven each location, welcoming all generations.

The palette changes from energetic and bright in the public entry, living room, library, and reception to a calm, muted, and textured ambiance moving through private staff areas, wellness spaces, and exam rooms. Chosen with care, design materials are environmentally sustainable. 

Providing gynecology, primary care, mental health, and acupuncture, the efficiency and comfort of Tia’s consulting and exam rooms are key for patient comfort and staff efficiency. And employees enjoy a private staff lounge, admin spaces, and phone rooms.

Following the development of Tia’s new design standards in 2022, IA has designed clinics from California to New York City.

Photography by © Benny Chan