Toll Brothers
Sterling Grove Pavilion

Surprise, AZ | 8,000 SF

A central hub where a potential homeowner embarks on a journey to discover and acquire their dream home.

Nestled in the heart of Surprise, AZ, the Sterling Grove Pavilion is a testament to Toll Brothers' unwavering dedication to distinctive architecture, community enrichment, and the creation of an environment for healthy living. 

The pavilion seamlessly integrates with the area’s local charm, featuring an inviting farm-style-architecture aesthetic organized into three distinct floor plan zones, each serving a unique purpose.

Zone 1, the welcome and registration area, greets visitors with a thoughtfully designed reception desk and grab-and-go area—projecting warm hospitality and offering refreshments as visitors begin their home-buying journey. 

Zone 2, the community overview and offices section, immerses potential buyers in the Sterling Grove community, allowing them to explore amenities and home options. Meeting areas and offices in this zone provide Toll Brothers employees with a professional and comfortable environment to engage with customers. Zone 3, the back of house and break room, caters to the operational needs of Toll Brothers staff, offering a venue for relaxation as well as spaces for administration, collaboration, and coordination.

The interior design of the home sales pavilion exudes elegance and warmth. Carefully selected finishes create an upscale ambiance infused with elements of farmhouse chic. Rich woods, luxurious marbles, and meticulously chosen textiles enhance the aesthetic, establishing an environment that balances sophistication and comfort.

To elevate the customer experience, the pavilion incorporates innovative design concepts and cutting-edge technology throughout. Interactive touchscreens, virtual reality tools, and multimedia displays empower potential homeowners to vividly visualize and explore different home options and amenities, inspiring engagement and excitement to help potential homebuyers make informed decisions about joining the community.

Best Onsite Design Center, MAME (Major Achievement in Merchandising Excellence) Awards

Photography by © Joshua Caldwell

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