Wilson Cribbs + Goren

Park Towers N. Relocation 
23,000 SF | Houston, TX

Preserving heritage meets looking towards the future. 

Real estate attorneys Wilson Cribbs + Goren’s new office is rooted in the firm’s history and tradition with an eye toward the future. The guiding design principles are based on the practice’s tradition, established relationships, and preserving the firm’s heritage.

A residential-forward design concept inspires a welcoming reception with adjacent executive conferencing and a wine cellar that serves as a break space. The layout focuses on client-facing areas where the firm develops new opportunities, builds current relationships, and connects with industry members during after-hour hosted events.

Textured woods, marble finishes, hand-knotted rugs, and parquet floors add to the appeal of a custom contemporary simplicity and a design story curated for Wilson Cribbs + Goren’s specific client base.

Design details include arched doors, full glass offices with demountable fronts, thoughtful lighting, and office fronts. A wide variety of spaces for collaboration, large gatherings, and smaller, more focused settings are offered.

The new office houses an artwork collection positioned for celebration and appreciation while providing flexibility for rotation over time.

Also, a new branding and logo design package was developed featuring the founders and embracing the younger generation of attorneys. The careful orchestration of all these design elements is what gives the Wilson Cribbs + Goren workplace its unique character.

Through innovative materials and design solutions, IA delivered a high-end, hospitality-oriented front-of-house with a customized reception design, executive boardroom, conferencing center, and wine cellar. The project is an excellent example of how design features with meaningful impact can be delivered at moderate expense through skillful expertise.

Photography by © Wade Griffith

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