New Workplace
23,000 SF | Hyderabad, India

Truth is always black and white for Yext, a technology company powering accurate answers through AI-led search experiences for major enterprises.

Since 2019, IA has partnered with Yext on projects spanning the U.S. as well as the company’s New York City headquarters and locations in London, Paris, Tokyo, and now Hyderabad, India. Each project reflects a consistent design approach based on the Yext brand concept: Correct answers every time.

This brand concept was key for IA in helping Yext strategically design the global expansion of its workplace portfolio. Grounded with a robust workplace strategy developed through visioning sessions, observation, interviews, surveys, focus groups, and product demonstrations, every location enables employee choice on where and how to work while encouraging interaction and productive collaboration.

Combining Yext’s design guidelines with touches of local culture, the new Hyderabad office is sophisticated yet bold enhanced with the Yext signature black and white binary palette and impactful pops of color. One hundred workstations are adjacent to interview and huddle rooms, booths, meeting spaces, and offices. The large manifesto café area (there is a manifesto café at every Yext location) is a gathering space for lunch, large events, and company-wide broadcasted staff meetings. Teams can decompress in the nearby game room or roomy outdoor terrace.

John Houfe, Vice President of Real Estate & Workplace at Yext said in a February 2023 press release, “We have thrived on the virtues of authority and trust. Yext has enjoyed a great journey from being a startup to a globally renowned, AI-driven service provider. We wanted to showcase the way our company has matured over the years, and to effectively communicate our work style, brand philosophy, and vision through the new concept. It is a matter of great pleasure to have worked with the team at IA Space Matrix, and their execution upheld our vision for the project.”

Katherine Lytle, Senior Design Manager at IA added, “The task of designing a diverse global workplace called for an understanding of various cultures, a dynamic and creative approach, and a dedication to crafting spaces that both motivate and captivate the end-user. By collaborating with the IA Space Matrix team in India, we were able to uncover fresh ideas and realize a truly singular interior design experience for Yext's Hyderabad location.”

Photography by © Yamini Krishna Photography

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