Braver New World

Brave New World IA Interior Architects

At IA, our firm philosophy and mission is to constantly ideate and innovate. We view challenges as inspiration—an opportunity to explore the unknown and to question the status quo. The Brave New Workplace is a collection of conceptual ideas—some easily implementable, others a bit more blue-sky—that explore and envision a hypothetical version of the future office. Given the ever-changing landscape brought on by an increasingly agile and remote workforce, a team of IA’s designers set out to design a prototype space that pushes the boundaries of the traditional office environment.

The mission of this exercise was to propel the conversation forward by bringing to life—through floor plans, renderings, and sketches—one viable and exciting proposal for tomorrow’s workplace. This option, one of many that we as a firm are ideating on, reflects a concept for a bright and hopeful future. The result is a scalable and flexible workplace concept able to creatively address our clients’ goals.