Navigating Remote Work: Enabling People and Enhancing Place

"Navigating Remote Work: Enabling People and Enhancing Place"


Erik Lucken


Jennifer Cline, Sheri Malec, and Matthew Buecher

As work has evolved, so too has workplace design, continually adapting to new needs driven by changes in the way people work. COVID-19 introduced unprecedented disruption to this steady evolution, displacing millions of people from offices to work from home. The question everyone is asking now is what happens next? How will the work paradigm evolve in the wake of this massive shift?

What has become clear is that there is no one answer.

Please watch the recording that brings IA, TIAA, McDonald's, and Salesforce together for a panel discussion around their organizations' unique approaches to remote work.

Unsure of where you are in the workplace assessment journey? Curious about who you can reach out to for guidance? View our workplace assessment journey roadmap to find helpful resources and relevant IA contacts.

Erik Lucken

For the last decade Erik has studied the intersection of business performance and workplace environments, focused on the design imperative to support both how and why people work today. As a Strategy Director for IA Interior Architects, Erik leverages both quantitative and qualitative research, and has published insights on critical workplace drivers such as mobility, wellbeing, and workforce demographics.

Jennifer Cline

Jennifer Cline is Head of Workplace Strategy & Execution at TIAA, a leading financial services provide, where she is accountable for designing and delivering TIAA's workplaces of the future, including major initiatives such as the modernizations of the headquarters building in New York City and the Charlotte, NC campus.

Matthew Buecher

Matthew Buecher is Senior Director of Global Real Estate for Salesforce, a cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, where he leads the workplace design team responsible for the company's 160 office locations for over 50,000 employees.

Sheri Malec

Sheri Malec is Senior Director of Workplace Solutions at McDonald’s, a global food service industry leader, where she is responsible for Corporate Real Estate and Workplace Experience. Sheri led the team responsible for McDonald’s new 500,000 square foot headquarters in downtown Chicago.

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