2018 Most Popular

CNA offices of Chicago

CNA Headquarters, Chicago. Photo © Tom Harris

For this financial corporation, the robust capital letters CNA, slanting 70 degrees from vertical to comprise the firm’s logo, are literally reinterpreted throughout every aspect of the headquarters’ architecture, design features, and furnishings.

Utilization Study IA Interior Architects Design Intelligence

Screen shot of a utilization study. Image courtesy of IA Interior Architects.

IA's Director of Design Intelligence Guy Messick explores current and projected emerging technologies and tools that will advance the capture of better Utilization Knowledge and revolutionize how we strategize, select, design, and maintain the workplace.

Sapient Nitro, Toronto, ON. Photo © Tom Arban.

Sapient Nitro, Toronto, ON. Photo © Tom Arban.

With the rise of resimercial and the importance of flexible space, the Danish concept of Hygge influences many IA-created environments. We asked members of IA’s design team to describe hygge and tell us why it needs to be a part of the workplace.

Confidential Client, Chicago. Photo © Tom Harris.

Confidential Client, Chicago. Photo © Tom Harris.

Inspired by recent thought leadership on this subject, IA looks at creating work environments that enable colleagues to be both giving and productive.  

visual confidentiality

What are the six core steps for creating visual confidentiality in an open or semi-open work environment that also allow for collaboration?