Celebrating Halloween with Virtual Reality


Every year the internal teams at IA seek new ways to best celebrate the holidays. Halloween is no exception, and as thought leaders in creating environments, there is a constant passion to perform when it comes to crafting a place that's right for fright.

While every single IA professional seems to have taken this mission seriously, this year our Design Intelligence team may have taken the competition to the next level. 

Teams across several IA offices were given a limited amount of time to create VR Haunted Houses, which were ultimately incorporated into a riddle for employees to solve. "We wanted to give our super busy teams a chance to have some fun, and engage with our virtual reality platform," says Guy Messick, Director of Design Intelligence at IA. "They knocked it out of the park."

While this was a fun respite for our much-valued design team members, creating 360-degree virtual environments plays an important part of our process. 

"Creating these renderings for our Haunted House competition gives our teams the opportunity to try new techniques and explore how it works in group environments. VR in general allows us to have more informed conversations with our clients," Holly Kramer, Digital Design Application Specialist at IA stated. "It allows us to quickly get past any communication barriers we might encounter when describing the spaces we design for clients, or where a rendering might not do the trick."

The opportunities for incorporating VR into our process have only increased with time and IA's global reach, but this has got to be one of our personal favorite uses. Explore some of the environments below by clicking on the link that corresponds with the office that created it, and don't be afraid to let us know about your favorites on social media.


This experience may be significantly more fun on a phone or other mobile device. 

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See how IA's Design Intelligence team celebrates Halloween.

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