Episode 85: The Benefits of Design Guidelines

IA Designer Jayne Leighty explains how design guidelines are becoming more commonplace and expanding their scope.

Key Takeaways 

  • Design guidelines vary based on customers’ needs. 
  • A basic distinction between a standard and a guideline could be as simple as the difference between saying “go get the chair” and “go get a chair.” Go get the chair is very descriptive like a standard, while go get a chair could be a range of options, which would be a guideline.
  • Design guidelines benefit clients in a number of ways, including providing user continuity from space to space, enhancing brands, and getting more value out of real estate.
  • Over the years, guidelines have gone from a document to a relationship to a service.
  • When creating guidelines, one should consider the user experience. In today’s world, baby boomers and millennials are working in the same spaces, so having choice-based work options allows everyone to have a comfortable workspace.


IA's Russel Manthy interviews Designer Jayne Leighty about how design guidelines are becoming more commonplace and expanding scope.  via @iaarchitects  www.interiorarchitects.com/episode-85-the-benefits-of-design-guidelines

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