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Authentic moments that connect people and place.

Working across a variety of market sectors, including hospitality, retail, workplace, and healthcare has equipped us with a different perspective and one conclusion—the user experience is at the core of all design. We bring unique and insightful best practices, insights, and lessons learned to each of our clients in order to improve everyday lives.

We’re composing hospitality spaces where people all over the world can enjoy and celebrate life—places where they can eat good food, sleep well, laugh, share, work seamlessly, play, and create memories. Finding design inspiration in the locality and it's building architecture, historical events, culture, color palettes, patterns, and even cuisine flavors can guide the design of a hotel. All inhabit the genius loci, and this essence of the location surrounding a hotel helps create a unique experience and sense of place for each guest.

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Veronica Givone

Veronica Givone

Veronica Givone