Gatherings & Comradery: Designing Spaces That Encourage Celebration

McDonald’s, Chicago IL | Photography Garrett Rowland

With the July 4th festivities upon us, places to gather for celebration and comradery are on our minds. Such spaces are being emphasized and incorporated into workplaces globally more frequently as organizations increase their focus on culture, community, wellness, and play. From dramatic cityscapes to suburban campuses, an array of space types can create opportunities for gathering.

A sun-drenched rooftop adorned with a pergola and abundant comfortable seating at this urban workplace is perfect for any day-to-night celebration. Whether taking in the sunset or relishing a perfect view of fireworks against the cityscape, a well-designed office rooftop promises an exceptional experience.

Multi-Purpose Lounge Area

A multi-purpose lounge area that seamlessly connects to a sundeck with stunning views is an ideal setting for a celebratory event and a serene escape to revel in the view.

Big Fish Games, Seattle Photography | Sherman Takata

Blend Indoors with Outdoors

For this building amenity space, biophilic elements infuse a touch of natural beauty into the workplace, creating a harmonious blend of the indoors and outdoors.

Four Oaks Place, Houston | Photography Wade Griffith

Sunny Rooftops

Rooftops that offer ample sunlight and inspiring views can provide significant wellness benefits. These spaces are easily transformed into vibrant venues for any type of commemoration, from office milestones to a summer barbeque.

LinkedIn, San Francisco Photography | Eric Laignel

A Celebratory Gathering Space

Designed for community events as well as world-class entertainment, this amphitheater rings true to its Coachella Valley location. Accommodating large crowds, it becomes a gathering place where people can come together to celebrate and enjoy a diverse array of performances.

Amphitheater, Cathedral City, CA | Photography Garrett Rowland

Dedicated Relaxation & Recreation Spaces

By designing dedicated spaces for relaxation and recreational games in the workplace, employees can unwind and recharge together.

Amphitheater, Cathedral City, CA | Photography Garrett Rowland

INTERSECT Campus by Hines, Irvine CA | Photography Eric Laignel

In summary, places for gatherings, celebration, and individual use that resonate with their surroundings are undeniably memorable, offering users a focal point for activity and an inherent sense of belonging.