Hidden Rooms in the Workplace


Hiding in Plain Sight, a Collection of Our Favorite Hidden Rooms

LinkedIn New York’s 28th floor. Photo by Eric Laignel.

LinkedIn New York’s 28th floor. Photo by Eric Laignel.


The wonder of hidden rooms – mystery that stems from the unexpected holds a broad appeal to many. At LinkedIn in New York, on the 28th floor, knowing the right rotary phone to dial grants access to a hidden speakeasy where employees can go for events or just as an escape from the surrounding office.

Sonos in Boston, MA. Photo by Robert Benson.


Located behind a custom-made bookshelf is a listening room that creates the ideal environment to listen to music. (Note: follow link to see a video of the room)

The Secret Lounge at Capital One in San Francisco. Photo by Jasper Sanidad.

The Secret Lounge at Capital One in San Francisco. Photo by Jasper Sanidad.


Capital One’s Digital Lab in San Francisco features numerous unparalleled spaces but not all of them can be seen at first glance. Pivoting bookcases open up to a lounge that can double as a meeting space unlike any other.

Scotiabank Digital Factory in Toronto. Photo by doublespace.


In Toronto, Scotiabank’s Digital Factory is a city block-sized destination for data and tech enthusiasts. Secluded behind a bank vault-inspired door is a dimly lit speakeasy offering an intriguing area of respite from the grind of the workday.

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