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IA is an early adopter of the most advanced and powerful technologies available for developing our designs and for communicating our design intent to clients.

We were quick to adopt Revit and BIM and are now leveraging the next wave of software and hardware: robust virtual-reality technology capable of generating an immersive, three-dimensional depiction of space. Supplementing standard architectural renderings, plans, and materials boards, VR interface—combined with 3-D scanning of site conditions at the project’s inception—helps us create more accurate, photorealistic, and experiential representations of the space to be built, capable of conveying subtleties of finish quality and atmosphere. These pioneering methodologies help streamline workflow at every step, saving time and money as well as heightening ideation and communication within our design teams.

Reality Capture Technology in Architcture

Reality Capture

Gather existing site conditions via 3D-scanning hardware and software helps to create a highly accurate “point cloud” of the spaces we design. Integrating real estate, human resources, design, building, and facilities data in this manner yields a robust information model that can be shared and utilized by all collaborators and stakeholders.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Using an immersive VR system that IA pioneered for interior architecture, clients and project teams are able to engage with the design throughout the entire process. Supplementing Revit model screen renderings with a simulated 3-D visual that is explorable and interactive allows end users to interact with their space long before it is built, helping to support change management.

Advanced Visualization

Produce accurate and panoramic renderings throughout the design process, created from the same model from which all design documentation is harvested. This IA workflow feature provides for a quick response to client feedback and a high level of confidence and trust in project outcomes.

Integrated Teams

Bring project teams together consistently—for better project delivery and outcome—using IA’s Integrated Project process that transports clients’ global design standards into a BIM workflow for sharing from a single point of truth.

Work From Anywhere

Working Anywhere

Share BIM assets on a global scale and add resources seamlessly to client projects with IA’s use of BIM 360 Cloud, which integrates all tools for staff and global partners at all locations in a private cloud environment.

Consulting BIM


Services include BIM to Facilities Management; Design Standards BIM Integration; and Retail Visualization and Analytics.

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