Design Intelligence

IA is an early adopter of the most advanced and powerful technologies available for developing our designs and for communicating our design intent to clients.

At the core of our integrated services is design intelligence, a methodology that unites classically separated “phases” to create an iterative and highly sophisticated approach to the planning of space where data and information are modeled and analyzed bi-directionally, enabling better decision making and communication. This approach has evolved into a robust menu of programming and planning toolsets, anchored by our utilization of advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Advanced Visualization

Produce accurate and panoramic renderings throughout the design process, created from the same model from which all design documentation is harvested. This IA workflow feature provides for a quick response to client feedback and a high level of confidence and trust in project outcomes.

Integrated Teams

IA brings project teams together consistently—for better project delivery and outcome—using Revit to link critical programming data and client standards throughout the project lifecycle into a BIM workflow for sharing from a single point of truth.

Work From Anywhere

Working Anywhere

Share BIM assets on a global scale and add resources seamlessly to client projects with IA’s use of BIM 360 Cloud, which integrates all tools for staff and global partners at all locations in a private cloud environment.

Consulting BIM


Services include BIM to Facilities Management and Design Standards BIM Integration. IA’s bespoke technology tools, known as Techni, also include Reality Capture, Quanta, IA Analytics, and Advanced Virtualizations.

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